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Become a part of the UC Davis GDSC's 150+ members family and help contribute to the growing Developer community!

GDSC at UC Davis aims to help students bridge the gap between theory and practice through its:

1. Technical workshops, talks, and events , which are led by industry experts and students and are open to everyone.

2. Tech Lead program, which welcomes students of all majors and experience levels and places students into
technical project teams.

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Get Involved With GDSC'S Tech lead Program

We are always looking to expand our team here at GDSC. All majors and fields of study are welcome to apply.

Currently our applications are closed for the year 2022-2023. Join our discord server above for announcements about GDSC's next recruitment cycle.

Tech Lead

GDSC's Tech Lead program places tech enthusiasts into teams to develop projects of their choice with mentorship and learning resources. This year, 170+ Tech Leads in 30 teams focused on web/app development, AI/ML, data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing, or AR/VR.

Exec Tech Lead

Each Tech Lead team at GDSC has an Executive Tech Lead who serves as the leader, motivator, and liaison between the team and the larger community. They ensure that the team is working towards achieving their goals while fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Tech Director

Technical Directors provide mentorship and support to Tech Lead teams as they navigate learning new technologies and working collaboratively. They offer technical insights, advice, and feedback on project progress while also mentoring for personal and professional growth.

Management Team

GDSC offers various leadership roles each year, including web development director, marketing director, design director, fundraising director, and operational director roles. These opportunities provide students with valuable experience in different areas outside the Tech Lead program.